/ legacy products

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The following products have been discontinued by Showit

Showit Media Lab

Also known as Showit DVD, this service offered DVD and photo printing services which was connected to Showit Slideshow. Showit Media Lab was in service from 2007-2016.

Showit Desktop

First launched in 2008, Showit Desktop was a Flash-based drag-and-drop website builder for PC and Mac which included hosted website services. Support for this platform was discontinued in 2018.

Showit Effects & Showit Borders

Showit Effects and Showit Borders were plugins for Adobe Photoshop which offered automated photo presets, which were super cool from 2005-2008.

Showit Slideshow

Originally named Showit Web in 2005, this app offered an easy workflow for creating web-based slideshows timed to music. In 2007, integration with Showit Media Lab offered services to convert slideshows into DVDs. Support for Showit Slideshow ended in 2013.